DoTERRA – meaning “gift of the earth”

Selling Natural Medicine – it’s safe, effective and affordable

At Healing Hands we use DoTERRA essential oils and tailor make your personal blend especially for you, to support your body to self-healing, wherever you need it most, whether it is to assist the body to reduce symptoms of pain, stress, sleeplessness, whether it is physical or emotional.  How amazing to have your own natural medicine cabinet at home to support you!  This is a breakthrough for everyone, especially for families with children, being able to use the oils topically or to diffuse them in the air while they are sleeping.


What are essential oils?

Nothing in nature is wasted, the doTERRA essential oils are extracted from plants, flowers and trees and distilled and tested with a team of 12 scientists.  The molecular structure allows the oils to be absorbed through the skin and enter the bloodstream faster. penetrate the blood-brain barrier which often filters chemical pharmaceuticals, plus they do not need to be digested in the stomach to release, meaning they are absorbed faster in to the body and there are no dangerous side effects.

There are 3 ways to use the oils.

  1. Apply topically
  2. Diffuse in the air
  3. Ingest (only certain oils ) to cleanse or restore the body

Why doTERRA?

DoTERRA has the purest, rigourously tested, most potent oils which produces better results.  They have a team of 12 scientists working hard to bring breakthroughs and approaching the medical industry for essential oils to have clinical research and become more mainstream.

DotERRA have created unique combinations of blends for the most common body dysfunctions in today’s society, Digest Zen for digestion really soothing for gluten intolerance, On Guard with Frankincense, Clove and Cinnamon for immune support, Breathe for respiratory chest infections or asthmatic symptoms and Ice Blue for pain.  They also have Serenity for sleep aid, Elevate for anti anxiety and many more but we don’t want to overwhelm you.

This amazing company has a global network of farmers, harvesting at the correct mature times, using sustainable practices and co-impacting to improve the local environments and the inhabitants’ lives in developing countries.

DotERRA have the Healing Hands Foundation, an internationally registered humanitarian non profit charitable organisation where 100% of certain products and donations to go the aid serving communities in need.  Read more here

Here is a media clip on the impact of the Healing Hands Foundation


Itovi Scanner

Using the latest bioimpedence technology (similar to Fitbit), we have the Itovi scanner in our clinic which records the frequency your body emits and suggests essential oils to rebalance your frequency on both an emotional and physical level.   It detects, for example,   if there is pain in your body, immune support needed, lymphatic system imbalance, respiratory help, insomnia or anxiety.

Want to learn more?

Sara and Michael hold fun Essential Oil classes twice a month in their home if you want to learn more about this incredible science, teaching you how to enhance your life using the oils.  You can have your own natural health solutions in your home ready to rebalance your family’s health at any time – how empowering is that?  Having 3 children with varying ailments and weaker immune systems, we have constantly sought ways to improve our family’s health.  We now rarely go to the doctor since we have been using the oils.  However we want to add that medicine absolutely has its very valuable place and we cannot diagnose or treat disease, we just prefer to take a more holistic look and try natural solutions first.  For more information have a look at our facebook page –  There’s simple ideas and diffuser blends and treatment guides for ailments.

The introductory classes are usually 7pm the first Wednesday of the month learning about the most common oils to use.  Inspiring new ideas and usage of more unique oils are at 7pm on the third Wednesday of the month for those that have the oils.  You can also arrange a time for us to come to your company and give inspiring wellness talks – this could reduce your sick days maximising profit for your company!  At the classes we give you an A-Z common ailment guide with essential oils treatment.  There’s also an amazing app you can download called modern essentials where you have the power of treatment at your finger tips, wherever you are.

The most used versatile essential oils highlights 

Lemon – Cleanser both for the body and for household and laundry cleaners.  1 powerful drop, equivalent to 28 lemons in water alkalines the body without the citric acid damaging your teeth.

Lavender – Calms – skin rashes, burns including sunburn, aids restful sleep

Tea tree – Antiseptic, helps to fight infection and clears skin

Peppermint – Cools and energises – aids digestion – 1 drop in warm water is equivalent to 28 peppermint teas, cools temperature, great on feet

Oregano – Heating and cleansing – Nature’s antibiotic properties – warts -infected toenails – antioxidant

Frankincense – The King of Oils – Immune support – healthy cellular function, mood enhancer.  Clinical trials are being done now to support the body in to reducing cancer symptoms.


Join Our Oils Community

We are so passionate about doTERRA, we love sharing the oils with new friends and family and seeing how it changes and enhances lives.  If you want to join us, there are many levels to suit wherever you are at.  You can just buy 1 product or become a wholesale customer.

Level 1 – a retail user if you just want to try and buy 1 oil or a product starting around $18 and not take advantage of the savings or wholesale account then copy and paste the following to your browser and click the shop tab at

Exciting news as of December 2018, we will have a New Zealand warehouse so we can order direct from them with local shipping rates and no conversion charges!

You can browse through the essential oils, wellness supplements or natural products or the awesome range of kits, which save you a lot of money from buying individual oils, it’s  really like replacing your first aid with a natural medicine kit.

Level 2 –  Join our community as a wholesale customer if you buy a couple of products I recommend opening a wholesale account and you can make great savings where you receive 25% off the oils and products, and you only need to buy 1 more product a year to retain your wholesale account!  No minimum spend plus you get free product promotions and support from us and tips on how to use your oils to enhance your life.  You can either pay AU$35 to join or get a free wholesale account if you purchase an enrollment kit.  You can also opt to get free loyalty rewards if you spread the cost monthly.  then click join and save as a wholesale customer

My favourite enrollment kits, giving you a new natural health enhancing medicine kit plus free membership,  saves hundreds of dollars from purchasing individual oils

1.The  Family Essentials Kit NZ$195- the 10 most common oils in 5ml bottles and blends to care for your families.  It includes Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Oregano, Tea Tree, Frankincense, On Guard for immune support, Digest Zen, Ice Blue for pain relieving symptoms, Breathe for respiratory, plus Slim and Sassy metabolic blend. I also suggest you buy a petal diffuser AU $55.

2. Home Essentials Kit NZ$365 – A similar kit to above in larger 15ml bottles so it lasts you longer with the petal diffuser included.  This is great to start your doTERRA journey.

3. AMAZING Natural Solutions Kit Costs NZ$700 but saves you an amazing $220.. Too much to mention it all but highlights include the main Essential oils and blends plus cleaning products plus supplements plus shampoo and conditioner plus toothpaste plus ice blue rub plus correct x topical ointment plus Lumo wooden bottom diffuser with bigger range and lasting 10 hours PLUS a beautiful wooden box to house your oils.



Level 3 Build a new business – Together, selling safe and effective natural medicine, we can build the business of your dreams, giving you time and financial freedom.  Implement doTERRA essential oils in to your life, become as passionate as us, become a wellness advocate with an amazing company that enhances yours and others lives and gives back to the environment.

All you have to do is share the oils with friends, family, colleagues, or clients. You get free product training and support from us.  Set up your Loyalty rewards to get free product.  There’s an annual convention, inspiring talks from Doctors, incentives with DoTERRA and optional missions with the Healing Hands Foundation.  It really is the most inspiring company to partner with. then click join & save as a wellness advocate

Don’t hesitate to Contact us now on for any  further information